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  • Communication, Film & Media Studies - University of New Haven

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    “I know that at a lot of other schools, students aren’t allowed to use any equipment until they are one or two years into the discipline, but I got four years of hands-on experience at the University of New Haven,” said Cara Demers '16, a communication, film and media studies graduate who is now a a reporter at WENY-TV in New York. “In my very first day, I was learning how to properly use everything in the studio."
  • Professor Meg Benke Receives National University Technology Network’s Noflett Williams Service Award

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    Congratulations are in order for our Professor Meg Benke, SUNY Empire State College, School for Graduate Studies, for receiving the prestigious Noflett Williams Service Award from NUTN Network.

    Shoutouts now are appropriate!

    The award citation sums up some of Meg's best qualities. The award "... recognizes an individual who exhibits, over a sustained period and in a consistent manner, a commitment to providing service to those in the field. It recognizes the individual as a contributor, mentor, “do-er,” and leader of national and international note."
  • Breaking News: 15-Month-Old Boy Reported Missing In Amber Alert Safely Found in Mexico

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    He was reported missing in an Amber Alert last week, when he was allegedly abducted by his father
  • After the Flood: Thankful for Community

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    “It was about 10am when I heard the yells of the firefighters on the loud speakers,” Dulce remembers. “The water had risen up past the driveways. The firefighters said that we all had to evacuate immediately, and were taking people from their homes in boats. I grabbed about four diapers and left. I assumed I’d be back by the end of the day.”

    It’s now been almost a year since the incident, and it’s doubtful her family will ever be able to return to their home due to all the damage. “From there we went to the shelter, and that’s where it all started.” Read more about how Rocketship and Catholic Charities helped one Rocketeer’s family after the San Jose floods.
  • The City of Napa gets Brighter with the Napa Lighted Arts Festival

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    Join the City of Napa for the Napa Lighted Art Festival this December! This illuminated art walk will light up the streets, buildings and nighttime sky while lighted art is projected on iconic buildings. The lights turn on December 9 - 17 in Downtown Napa. For more details on this event, click on the link below. #ArtAfterDark #DoNapaLights #DoNapa
  • Una antropóloga británica estudia fenómeno del "Paquete" en Cuba, y halla consumidores en Miami

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    Una antropóloga británica estudia fenómeno del "Paquete" en Cuba, y halla consumidores en Miami
  • "Gatta Cenerentola" vola in Usa, il film premiato con il "Capri Award"

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    "Gatta Cenerentola" vola negli Stati Uniti: è il miglior film europeo di animazione dell'anno e sarà premiato alla ventiduesima edizione di "Capri, Hollywood". 🇺🇸👏🇮🇹
    Ad annunciarlo è il produttore Mark Canton, chairman onorario dell'International film festival (26 dicembre - 2 gennaio)📽. Per l'opera di Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri e Dario Sansone, prodotta da Mad Entertainment e Rai Cinema, parte contemporaneamente anche la corsa verso l'Oscar The Academy nella sua categoria. In attesa dell'uscita "tecnica" negli Stati Uniti di "Cinderella the Cat" 🎬 (dal 9- 16 dicembre al Laemmlès Music Hall Theater a Beverly Hills), infatti, il 27 novembre "Los Angeles, Italia" (festival gemello di "Capri, Hollywoood", promossi entrambi dall'Istituto Capri nel mondo) ha organizzato l'anteprima 🇺🇸 presso il Chinese Theatre, in collaborazione con il Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles, l'I.C.E. Istituto Commercio Estero e l'Istituto Italiano di Cultura. ⬇️
  • Doing Good: These Alumni Are Making a Difference in the Nonprofit World

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    They are in leadership roles at PETA, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Southern Poverty Law Center, among others. Learn about 15 UVA Law alums leading nonprofits.
  • USDA delays Obama's organic livestock standards for review | Food Safety News

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    Trump's USDA is delaying an Obama-era USDA mandate for handling and transporting livestock and providing avian “living conditions” for poultry raised as organic food - yet another effort to weaken National Organic Standards in the interest of Big Business and against consumer expectations. The implementation delay has already been blasted by Consumers Union, the policy arm of Consumer Reports. “There is no justification for delaying these standards,” said Charlotte Vallaeys, senior policy analyst for Consumers Union. “Consumers who buy organic expect farmers to follow strict standards, including rules to help ensure the health and well-being of animals. But without this rule, consumers will have no way of knowing if eggs and chicken labeled organic come from birds that were able to roam outside or whether their only access was a tiny porch.” Read more...

    #OrganicStandards #LivestockStandards #USDA #organic #poultry #chicken #eggs #AnimalWelfare #NationalOrganicProgram #gmofreecanada #gmofreeusa
  • Here's how the House GOP tax plan could affect students, parents and universities

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    This #GOPTaxScam is a direct assault on young people & their educations. If we don’t train our young people to be the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, we won’t continue to lead & thrive.