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  • Opinion | The Spirit of Liu Xiaobo

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    Reflecting on the powerful "Trace" exhibit by artist Ai Weiwei that I visited with Libby over the weekend, I was reminded of the outrageous treatment by China of its only Nobel Peace Prize laureate and its continued refusal to free poet Liu Xia, Liu’s wife. Of course, the Trump Administration has been largely silent in the face of this continuing injustice.
  • Building Students’ Resilience on the Bus

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    Bus drivers can make their interactions more impactful with these 6 strategies.
  • The Government Is Not Your Mom and Can’t Force You to Share

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    The political class sells new accretions of government power with grandiose rhetoric, marked with frequent references to the common good. This is, as a rhetorical strategy, brilliant, for it appears to place the opponent of expanded government power in the position of resisting movement in the direction of the common good.
  • Cocodrilo continua en la playa de Hollywood, Florida

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    🔴 En Vivo: Cocodrilo continua en la playa de Hollywood, Florida
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America

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    Curious how to get involved with your local Boys & Girls Club, but don’t know where to start? It’s as simple as giving them a call and asking for a tour! While there, ask how you can help. Find your local Club at #NARfortheKids
  • The first voyager to another star may be a worm or a tardigrade

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    No, this is not science fiction. The microbial world is endlessly interesting. See some it in our exhibit "World in a Drop: Photographic Explorations of Microbial Life" by Scott Chimileski and Roberto Kolter.
  • In a first, scientists spotted an ‘interstellar visitor’ in our solar system

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    On Oct. 19, researchers at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy spotted a strange guest in the night sky: a quarter-mile-wide hunk of space rock hurtling through our solar system, the first “interstellar visitor” ever observed by scientists.
  • Trump's Forgotten Failure: How He Helped Ruin a Football League

    8 hours ago
    3:25 AM - 20 Nov 2017 TWEET: “Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican Anthem and sits down to boos for our National Anthem. Great disrespect! Next time NFL should suspend him for remainder of season. Attendance and ratings way down.” If trump would listen to why they are protesting by not standing for US anthem he would know it is about racism in the US not Mexico. trump is not an NFL player (LOL), NFL owner or NFL anything. He should focus on HIS job and not try to do someone else’s job and/or run a business that is not his. Can’t he find something more important to do in his job than sticking his____ in the NFL’s business? He still has grudge against NFL for not letting him join.
  • Study Tips and Techniques - Sylvan Learning Blog

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    There is not one, perfect way to study for tests, but there are study tips and techniques that almost always work in combination with dedication and determination! Encourage your child to try some of our study tips.
  • Career Services Helps WCU-OC Grads Perfect Resumes

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    Before November's career fair, Michael Riley went to West Coast University-Orange County’s Career Services department to ensure his resume was error-free.

    While not yet a registered nurse, Riley received his nursing pin in October and had returned to campus to find that first opportunity after earning his bachelor of science in nursing. Riley said he had already talked with several nursing recruiters at the fair and was grateful for the help he received from Career Services — now and in the future.

    "They looked over my resume that I'm handing out today,” he said. "We worked on my cover letter and coming up here, once I do pass the NCLEX, then I'll be utilizing them a lot more.”

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